When Christians are asked what keeps them from sharing Christ, they often give two reasons: “I don’t know what to say” and “I don’t have the courage to speak.” These two issues fade away when we are effectively walking with God. As we learn His Word, we will know what to say (John 3:16). As we take His hand in a daily walk, we will have the courage to share Him with others. (Philippians 4:13)

Why is it that some believers grow in Christ to become mature, well-balanced, fruitful Christians, while others spend most of their lives defeated, frustrated and unproductive?

When we determine to walk with God we always face at least two types of problems: outside adversity and the inward struggle between the old nature and the new. We need a friend to walk with us in the Christian life, someone who can pray with us and guide us.

How do we share the gospel with others?

Every believer has an opportunity to help others come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Many think evangelism is reserved for pastors or people with the gift of evangelism. Some have the wrong definition of evangelism. They see evangelism as speaking to strangers about Christ, so they rule themselves out. Effective evangelism is simply being an ambassador for Christ. An ambassador is someone who makes friends in a foreign land. Most people who become believers do so because of a relationship with a Christian friend.

When we lead a friend to Christ we tell them about John 3:16, about the love and forgiveness of God in Christ, and the blessing we have received from the Lord. Our job is not over when they accept Christ. When a baby is born, the parents do not go on vacation and leave the newborn to take care of himself/herself. Babies require hands-on care. The new believer is a spiritual baby and needs someone to be a mentor and guide.

New believers can be trained to feed themselves from God’s Word. By inviting new members to attend a small group or Bible study group they can learn more about God, how to have daily personal devotions and a closer relationship with God. They learn how to grow in faith and how to serve.

Invite a neighbor to church and enjoy seeing them Grow in Faith

Love, Pastor Lia

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