Read 1 Corinthians 12:1-11

We understand from this scripture some basic points about the spiritual gifts God gives his people: Every member has at least one spiritual gift, usually two or three and every member should be using his or her spiritual gifts to serve. No one member has all the spiritual gifts, so we need each other.

The Holy Spirit decides who receives which gift. We need to realize that every member is called to be involved in some ministry, some area of service using their spiritual gifts. Every Christian should be using his or her gifts to serve others, “for the common good” (1 Corinthians 12:7; 1 Peter. 4:10).

This awareness of spiritual gifts has been a great blessing for members who are already involved in service in our church.

The apostle Paul explained that God bestows spiritual gifts for service. Service often requires that we get out of our comfort zone to serve a need. After all, God may want to develop in us a gift we did not know we had!

The most important thing is that each member serves in some way, as service is our response to God’s blessings. How do we determine what spiritual gifts we have?

There are several approaches to this: 1) written tests, surveys and inventories, 2) self-analysis based on interests and experiences, and 3) confirmation from people who know you well.

All three approaches can be helpful.

Often, we do not know our spiritual gifts until we have put them to use in service. That is why it is good for us to occasionally try different areas of service. You may learn something about yourself, as well as your spiritual gifts.

We are including a spiritual gifts service survey in the worship bulletin on February 19. Please fill it out and return it to the office. This year, we will be asking you to serve in a ministry as the need arises and we hope you will be willing to serve with joy and with a grateful heart.

SHALOM, Pastor Lia

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