Staying Connected during Summer Vacations.

June is here! June means warmer weather has arrived and some of you may be taking off on vacations or adventures meaning that you will probably miss some Sundays here and there. If that is the case for you, here are four thoughts for summer if you can’t be at Christ UMC on Sunday.

1) Worship wherever you go. When we are on vacation, or out of town, we may be reluctant to find another place to go to church. Finding a church isn’t a problem, but it is hard getting up the courage to go to an unfamiliar church. I’m sure whatever church you find would love to have you worship with them and it would be an opportunity to experience how our guests feel when they come to Christ UMC for the first time.

2) Check out our Facebook and church website. You can keep up with the church family, news and all that is going on.

3) Check out Online Giving. We’ve all been there. We go on vacation and aren’t at church to give. We miss a few Sundays and when we come back we aren’t in the position to “make up” what we missed, even though we want to. We really want to be faithful in giving and supporting our community of faith and all the ministries, but when we aren’t at church, it is hard to keep current in our giving.

Online giving can help you keep current with your giving goals. You can continue to faithfully support the ministry of Christ UMC while basking in the sun, floating on the sea, hiking in the mountains, visiting with family, or other adventures you have planned. Perhaps Online Giving will be a great match for you! Here is the link to the online giving page on our website

4) Remember, we vacation from our work, not our Lord. God is with us when we are on vacation. God continues to bless us and lead us. My prayer is that while you are on vacation you grow deeper in prayer and be filled with God’s love, grace, joy, and peace. May your time away be one of refreshing so that you might continue to move closer to God.

Shalom, Happy Fathers Day

Pastor Lia

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