Isaiah 40:31 ” But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar
high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not
faint. ”

Summertime presents challenges for every congregation. People are very busy and mobile in the summer time and, sadly, some families will disengage from their local church during the summer months. As church leaders, this becomes a personal, spiritual challenge for us. People need refreshment. People need a vacation, as we do.  Yet, the ministry of the church continues. I believe there are two big questions for us during the summer:

Question 1: How can we keep connected with our church family? While we cannot control our church’s summer attendance, we may be able to keep connected as a church family:

1. PRAY AND WORSHIP . Continue to pray daily 3 times a day for pastor and congregation. Many people will take a couple of weeks away this summer. We need to remember that when we are in town this summer we need to worship the Lord with the church.

2. STAY IN TOUCH with your small group or ministry team. Do not let an “out of sight, out of mind” mindset result in complete disengagement. The Lord calls us to be his disciples daily .He does not give any believer a “pass” for the summer time.

3. GIVE . Remember that the ministries of the church continue even while we are away; therefore, we need to remain consistent in giving to the church during the summer time. Keep your promises of financial support for the church and serve people in need.

Question 2 : How can we reach people in the summer?

INVEST AND INVITE . Just because attendance inside the church may be more inconsistent during the summer, this does not change our desire to reach people. During the summer, be mindful to reach people. Invest in your neighbors and newcomers, pray for them, be a friend so they would accept your invitation to attend worship in our church, so they can experience the presence of God in their lives.

one psalm per week. June 3-Psalm 3, June 10-Psalm 4, June 17-Psalm 5, June 24-
Psalm 6, July 1-Psalm 7, July 8–Psalm 8, July 15-Psalm 9, July 22-Psalm 10, July 29-
Psalm 11, August 5–Psalm12, August 12-Psalm 13, August 19-Psalm 14, and August
26-Psalm 15

Have a Blessed Summer! In Christ’s Service, Pastor Lia

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