What are the Keys to Revival

“Therefore I will teach them – this time I will teach them my power and might. Then they will know that my name is the LORD.” (Jeremiah 16:21) Revival was the theme for annual Conference. We are living in the greatest time the world has ever seen. God, by His divine plan, chose for us to be alive right now in this time. That means that God sees something in us. God sees the potential that we have to bring the gospel message to many people in need of salvation in our neighborhood. The exciting part is God wants to use you and me to bring a revival in our church and in our community. I was recently reading some statistics about church growth in other parts of the world, and I was amazed at how different they are compared to the church in the U.S. The article stated that in China, a person becomes a Christian every three seconds, which comes to 28,800 people every 24 hours! Africa and Brazil are experiencing a revival sweep across those countries that are bringing societal transformation. What is the key to revival? As I have prayed about this question, I think of one keyword —hunger. Those who are hungry for God will be fed with his grace. God will always pour Himself out on those that are desperately seeking Him. What about the church in America? What about the church in Lehigh? Are we desperate for revival? My answer to that question is we are beginning to be. For years, I would have said no. The church has not been hungry for God. However, I am seeing that change in our nation rapidly. There are many churches and communities that are starting to experience real revival and transformation, as a result, of many Christians who are committed to daily prayer and witness. If we pray daily, the Lord is faithful and he will answer our cry of revival. We already have several leaders in our church, who testify that they have experienced the touch of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Rick Curry, a preacher, saw the Lord walk through the back of His church one Sunday morning. He went into prayer and received a word from Jeremiah 16:21. Then he held meetings at his church nightly with a group of leaders, which quickly became known as the Gulf Stream Revival and spread all over the gulf coast. They saw hundreds come to the Lord every weekend throughout the panhandle of Florida. There are many other places where this is happening in America, people are praying for revival and it is happening; the Holy Spirit is filling the hearts of hundreds of people. Friends, we cannot lose hope for our nation! God is doing something that is unique. Our Christian inheritance is revival, it happened in the past and it is happening today in many places. Do we want to be part of what God is doing in the rest of the world? We need to do our part; we need to gather weekly to pray for revival in our church and our community. We need to find ways to witness to every person we encounter in our daily lives. Please pray for revival in our church and our community three times a day and trust that if God can move powerfully in other places, God can do it in Lehigh Acres.

Amen! Shalom, Pastor Lia

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