What is your ministry at Christ United Methodist Church?

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

What is your ministry at Christ United Methodist Church?

Where do you serve and whom do you serve? Christians respond to God’s call saying: “Here I am, Lord, send me”. We are called to be in loving service to our community. We are called to love and serve God and our neighbors. We are called to be servants, witnesses and ministers of God. We are called to work in the kingdom of God.

Every Christian is a minister and a witness. Every Christian can lead persons to Christ, by showing the love of God, by sharing a prayer, a word of encouragement, an invitation to a small group, to work in a mission outreach, or to attend a worship service.


Christian leaders pray, see the need, listen to God and serve according to the needs of the people. Christian leaders in the church need to:

  1. Make a commitment to Christ and His Church and support the Church and its ministries with your prayers, presence, tithes and offerings, service and witness.
  2. Keep the focus on God (daily prayers, Bible study, and spiritual disciplines).
  3. Share the love of God (act with loving kindness toward all persons).
  4. Become a joyful witness (share the Gospel of Jesus with all persons).

There are many needs in our community and at Christ UM Church. There are several ministries that need to be developed. The ministries of the church can take place only if we all make a commitment to serve Christ through our Church.

What is your ministry at Christ United Methodist Church?

God is faithful and God promises that “His grace is sufficient for all our needs.” If you feel that you need to develop a ministry pray, talk to the pastor and your small group, and trust God to lead you in the right direction. Friends, the Christian life is the best life and being in ministry in the name of Jesus is the most rewarding job a Christian disciple can ever have. We would like for every member of the church to carry business cards with the name of the church and a place to write your name. Be ready to give them out to people you meet.

Think about it, where is God calling you to serve? Are you giving God excuses? Are you ready to be the Christian servant that God needs you to be?

What is your ministry at Christ United Methodist Church?

What is your ministry in Lehigh Acres?

In Christ Service,

Pastor Lia

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